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Dallas College Emergency Aid Fund

Investment in Emergency Aid: $400,000

Keeping students on track to degrees and jobs is Dallas College's number one priority. But it is hard to focus on school when an emergency or natural disaster is threatening a student's financial security. With almost 24,000 Dallas College students living in poverty we recognize that sometimes those challenges impact our students’ ability to proceed with their education.

The Dallas College Emergency Aid Fund assists Dallas College students who are on the verge of suspending their educational pursuits when financial emergencies arise. Many of these students encounter issues that cause them to choose between covering their educational expenses or paying for basic necessities.

"The College's mission is to prepare students of all ages, from all walks of life, who represent the diversity of our community, to become productive and responsible citizens," said Dallas College Chancellor Dr. Joe May. "We know that we need to create a culture of caring that meets our students where they are."

Emergency Aid Fund for students is made available through generous philanthropic donations to the Dallas College Foundation and through the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security (CARES) Act recently passed by Congress. We have partnered with an educational technology company, Edquity, to help make the application and award process quick and easy for you.  

All enrolled Dallas College students are eligible to apply once per semester. The application process will open the first day of each semester and close on the last day of each semester. Students apply by using the mobile app or website: they download the Edquity app (bit.ly/get-edquity) or go to the website app.edquity.co

Edquity will review the application and determine if the student qualifies within 72 hours. If a student qualifies, they receive cash grant assistance within 48 hours; the technology ensures students experiencing the financial emergency have access to funding within the timeframe required to successfully address the crisis. 

"My research team and I have studied emergency aid like this for years, and found that often it’s a smaller amount of money given at the right time that makes the difference between a student staying in college or dropping out. This money can help make students’ immediate survival possible, while we also work to create the systemic change to solve the root causes of this problem.”

– SARA GOLDRICK-RAB, Professor of Higher Education Policy & Sociology, Temple University Founder, Wisconsin Hope Lab and Hope Center For College, Community and Justice



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41% of Dallas College students have missed meals due to not having enough money for food; 12% of community-college students were considered homeless at some point in the previous year

*Data from the 2017 Homeless and Hungry study by the Wisconsin HOPE Lab


We frequently hear stories from our faculty that students have to make a choice between buying a textbook or keeping their lights on at home. Many of these emergencies for our students amount to a very small sum of money - $50 to $100.

The primary objective of the Dallas College Emergency Aid Fund is to help our students and decrease the number of students who stop or drop out due to a lack of funds to cover food, shelter, utilities, daycare fees, etc. Your contribution will make a difference in the lives of our students, their children and our local economy:

$25 can help ensure a student has class access (online and face-to-face)

$50 can put food on the table for a parent and her children

$100 can keep the lights on and a family in their home

$500 can provide emergency shelter while a student relocates


Your donation matters.


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