DCCCD employees

DCCCD EmployeeS

DCCCD Foundation provides direct giving opportunities for employees to make an additional impact in the lives of DCCCD students in the classroom and in the community. The office also provides assistance to our college grant teams in order to be effective stewards of grant-funded projects. 

Employee Giving Campaign

We know that as a DCCCD employee, you play an important role in the lives of DCCCD students every day. The DCCCD Employee Giving Campaign is an annual invitation to make an even greater impact. Thousands of our past and current employees just like you have made a difference and left a legacy. It just makes sense; whether you fund an endowed scholarship, an individual department, or the general fund, your money will make a difference and leave your mark on DCCCD, the students and the community.

Investing in DCCCD allows you to take part in something you love, and worked hard to build!

Planned Giving

Planned giving provides another creative way for you to leave a legacy to DCCCD students. Through planned giving, you can make a lasting impact on tomorrow's students and ensure the assets you leave behind are well-secured for a cause that you are passionate about.


DCCCD Crowdfunding Services, also known as peer-to-peer fundraising, leverages the internet to allow clubs and organizations at our colleges to raise money for a specific cause or project by asking family and friends to donate money, usually in small amounts, over a relatively short period of time.

Scholarships & Opportunities

The Foundation and DCCCD can help you pay for your professional development if you are seeking to sharpen your skills or working toward an advanced degree.

The Employee Development Fund (EDF), the Professional Support Staff Association (PSSA) Reimbursement Scholarship and the Vickie Lynn Allen TABPHE Lifetime Membership Fund are a few funds that can help cut the cost of your training or education if you qualify.

Contact us at foundation@dcccd.edu or 214-378-1531 for more information about these opportunities.


Grant Development & Management

The Resource Development arm of the Foundation works to provide resources, information and innovative ideas in support of institutional excellence and student success.

The Foundation serves as the central district contact for all funding agencies and the central resource for information on external funding for all district staff.

Resource Development offers to:

  • Assist the colleges with finding resources to fund innovative ideas that align with the DCCCD board priorities.
  • Process contracts and subcontracts for review by legal staff and required signatures. 
  • Coordinate integrated network model grant proposals for DCCCD.
  • Facilitate proper procedures, guidelines and tips regarding grant development and manager.
  • Grant forms, proposal writing tips, training opportunities and other resources can be accessed on our Grant Development and Management pages.