Procedures for Grant Paperwork

New Grants or Amendments

  1. College/DO/Development Office receives Notice of Award/Contract. Original forwarded to Development Office to the attention of Chachi Gomez.
  2. NOA/Contract/Contract Amendment submitted  to legal for review/chancellor’s (or designee) signature.
  3. Grantee (College/DO) prepares operational budget/cover sheet/Board information template. The grantee is responsible for budget accuracy in line with contract or Grant Award Notice (GAN). An Excel spreadsheet Operational Budget format is available on the Development Office website as well as Guidelines for Grant Management that includes instructions for completing the original Operational Budget form. Budget, cover sheet, template, and proposal copy are sent to Development Office (Attention: Chachi Gomez)
  4. Development Office bundles signed contract/cover sheet/budget/proposal and sends to DSC Contracts & Grants Accounting with request for CFLDIV# assignment.
  5. Grantee notified of assigned number and the account manager for the grant.
  6. Development Office retains file copy.


Budget Revisions

  1. Grantee prepares budget revision for review at campus level for alignment with contract, required justifications, math accuracy.
  2. College reviews for compliance with contract, justifications, math errors, etc.
    If budget revision requires agency approval, submitted to agency. If other than routine, District Development Office may provide assistance.
  3. Budget revision packet includes transmittal memo, justification, and operational budget revision with history of account changes.
  4. Budget revisions are sent from location Grant Division to location VPBS or designee. VPBS or designee reviews and approves budget revision and forwards the revision to DSC Contracts & Grants Accounting for input.
  5. Grant manager retains file copies.