Photo of Jereamy Riggs

Jereamy Riggs

Mountain View College graduate and former STEM Scholar
Texas Tech University transfer student

Former STEM Scholar Jereamy Riggs focuses on a future of scientific research and teaching as he works towards a bachelor’s degree in chemistry.

As he starts his studies at Texas Tech University this fall, Jereamy Riggs is focused on a future he couldn’t have imagined just a few years ago. Interested in chemistry since high school but stretched financially to fund college, he had to work evenings while following a rigorous curriculum during the day.

Photo of Jereamy Riggs

Being a part of the DCCCD STEM Institute not only gave him the opportunity to focus just on his studies, but provided valuable contacts and experiences that have confirmed his love of chemistry. “The STEM program was a big motivator for me,” says Jereamy. “It gave me a push to keep going in my education and career.” 

Gaining From Connections

On his end, Jereamy took the mentoring and contact opportunities the STEM Institute provided and ran with them. He was selected to participate in a week-long program at Brookhaven National Laboratory in New York last spring and earned his associate degree from Mountain View College in May.

He spent 10 weeks this summer in an internship at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL), just north of the UC-Berkeley campus. “This summer internship definitely cemented the idea that I want to do research after I finish my undergraduate degree,” says Jereamy, who also received a full scholarship to Texas Tech. “The experience at Berkeley has reassured me that what I’d chosen is in fact what I want to do.”

Future Plans

Photo of Jereamy Riggs

Jereamy’s ambitious future plans include finishing his bachelor’s degree, doing graduate work at Berkeley, becoming a college professor, working for a large chemical company and going into research. He’s as definite about the STEM Institute’s role in his educational advancement as he is in his choice of chemistry as a career.

“For me, the STEM Institute has been good exposure to people and things even outside of the financial support,” says Jereamy. ”Maybe the STEM scholarship on my résumé helped me to get the summer internship, and maybe the internship will help me go on to graduate studies at Berkeley in the future. I can definitely say that my DCCCD STEM scholarship has already done a lot for me.”