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LevelUp Scholarship Program

Investment in Scholarships for Students: $20,000,000

It is time to extend the promise made through Rising Star. The DCCCD Foundation is seeking funds for a new endowed scholarship program, LevelUp, created to inspire individuals to achieve while helping businesses prosper.

Download our LevelUp Materials [4MB PDF] to learn more about educational attainment in Dallas County and how you can be a game changer for adult learners by supporting this new scholarship opportunity.

The Promise of a New Opportunity

Open to all Dallas County residents 21 years of age or older who demonstrate financial need, regardless of educational background, this endowment will provide a last-dollar scholarship equal to the cost of tuition and books not covered by a Pell grant or other financial aid for those who enroll in high-demand career pathway programs.

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Extending the Promise of a College Education

Providing financial support for recent Dallas County high school graduates to enroll in college remains a priority. But consider others in Dallas:

  • Hispanics now represent 39% of the population and 51% of Hispanics have no high school diploma. Those without a high school diploma cannot benefit from the promise of Rising Star.
  • More than 1,200,000 new residents moved to Dallas in the last decade. Those who did not graduate from a Dallas County high school cannot benefit from the promise of Rising Star.
  • 21% of all adults in the Metroplex have some college, but no degree and only 8% of Hispanics and 15% of African Americans over 25 have a college degree.
  • Those who choose to come back and finish their degree as an adult cannot benefit from the promise of Rising Star.
  • Dallas residents are more likely to be impoverished than any of America’s biggest cities except in Detroit, Memphis, and Philadelphia.

It is time to extend the promise of a college education to all residents of Dallas County!

Current labor market information will guide which programs are included in the new scholarship opportunity so that students in these programs will be able to enter the job market immediately upon completion.

Expected Promise Pathways will include:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • IT certificates and programs
  • Manufacturing and logistics certificates and programs
  • Residential construction certificates and programs
  • Accounting certificates and programs
  • Various Health Professions certificates and programs
“In most areas around the nation there are jobs available in certain high skill areas, but we don’t’ have the educational basis for it or we don’t have the immigrant pool for it, or whatever it may be. There is a skills mismatch; that’s part of the problem.”


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