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Close-Out Process  

Finishing a grant project is just as important as starting one. In many cases, the way in which close-out procedures are handled, such as timely submission of final reports and the quality of those reports, can have a direct impact on chances for future funding.

There are several areas of management that need particular attention at the close of the funding project:


Make sure final budget revisions are on file, and notify staff and other appropriate personnel that your Fund Location Division (FLD) number has expired and should not be used after the grant period has ended.


Please complete all termination paperwork for all staff. If needed, transfer all payroll changes for staff to new cost centers or to the new, assigned number for the “continuation grant.” If the grant has expired, it is imperative that all personnel are moved from the cost center associated with the “old” grant.

Purchasing activities

Telephones must be transferred to other FLD numbers or removed. Bookstore charges should be checked and reconciled, and the bookstore notified that charges to the grant FLD number are no longer valid. Equipment purchases should be matched with requisitions and receipt of items confirmed.

Grant files

Please review all files for grant documentation associated with personnel records, purchase orders/requisitions and budget records. Include any necessary backup when changes occurred. Keep in mind that an auditor may contact you regarding the records associated with your grant. Your diligence in keeping and recording accurate files is essential for future funding. It is important to “clean up” all files/records once at the end of a grant cycle.


Double- and triple-check publication to be certain that the funding source is credited before printing is approved. Civil rights compliance statements are a requirement for all publications.


Finally, arrange for storage of grant files. It is important to let the pertinent staff in your location know where these files are stored.


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