Photo of DCCCD Founders' Foyer view from the renovated lobby area.

Founders’ Foyer

A Centerpiece of DCCCD’s Past, Present and Future

The Founders’ Foyer – located in the DCCCD’s central administrative headquarters and renovated in 2009 from a historic building on the city’s South Side – merges the district’s illustrious past with its bright future.

Photo of DCCCD Founders' Foyer main entry stairwell.Led by past DCCCD Foundation board member Judy Pesek, nationally recognized architecture firm Gensler designed the foyer, made possible from a gift by founding DCCCD Board Vice Chair Margaret McDermott.

Community arts leader and DCCCD Foundation board member Lynn McBee chaired the foyer renovation committee, which reviewed and selected the design concept by Gensler.

The Founders’ Foyer strives to reflect Mrs. McDermott’s visionary dedication to the highest standards of artistic excellence for the seven-college district over the past four decades.

It features a seating area with a flat-screen monitor for visiting guests, as well as a revolving exhibit of artwork by faculty and students.

Photo of DCCCD Founders' Foyer view of the renovated front desk.A permanent blown glass art installation by former DCCCD student and professional glass artist Rachel Haynes features a breathtakingly fragile flight of brilliant colors on the wall behind the foyer’s reception desk. “I wanted the piece to make people happy in that space,” says Haynes of the commissioned work.

From the restored mosaic tile floor to its soaring ceiling, the Founders’ Foyer recalls a historic past, when trailblazing education and community leaders came together to create a community college system that has educated approximately 2 million students at its seven colleges since 1965.

But with its revolving artwork, the foyer space also speaks of a rich future that is continually a work in progress.