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Success Stories

Alumni and Students

Through scholarships, mentorship programs and the generous support from caring individuals like you the DCCCD Foundation has transformed thousands of student lives and helped them succeed.

Our students and alumni are making a difference and giving back to their community. These are some of their stories.


Jerrett Rosenborough

Cedar Valley College

It took internal soul searching and several helping hands for Jerrett to find his path as a future dentist.
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Liz Juarez

El Centro College

A DCCCD scholarship was the hand Liz needed to earn an associate degree in nursing from El Centro College and pursue her career dreams.
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Photo of Gerardo Robles
Gerardo Robles

Mountain View College

Two years out of college, Gerardo is living his dreams of working in the art world and contributing to his community.    
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Photo of Keome Rowe.
Keome Rowe

Richland College

Keome points to his LeCroy scholarship mentoring sessions as igniting his passion for public service.
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Photo of Kathy Tran.
Kathy Tran

Brookhaven College

Kathy still sometimes has a hard time reconciling her brutally difficult adolescent years with her life as a college art student today.
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Photo of Adam Ulissey
Adam Ulissey

El Centro College

Adam is creating a sustainable design for his future, one where he can make a difference in the world as an environmental engineer. 
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Photo of Sharon Ji.
Sharon Ji

North Lake College

Sharon Ji dreams of being a pediatric surgeon and providing health care in a developing country one day.
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Photo of Mary Sefzik.
Mary Sefzik

Eastfield College

Disabilities advocate and talented vocalist, Mary dreamed of combining her love for music and communication into a radio career.
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Photo of Ernesto Bañuelos.
Ernesto Bañuelos

North Lake College

Ernesto is passionate about becoming a mechanical engineer so that he can design robotic systems to help the disabled.
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