Donor Stories

Our donors range from ordinary citizens who serve their community each day, to distinguished civic or business leaders who have fundamentally changed Dallas through the years.

Although they come from different backgrounds, they all share one common goal: to transform lives and ensure a brighter future for the community through their support of the DCCCD Foundation.

Here are a few inspiring stories of individuals who have impacted students' lives and the college district.  


Margaret McDermott

The founding vice chair of the DCCCD Board of Trustees has been a staunch supporter of DCCCD since its inception.


Image of Mike Myers

Mike Myers

Dallas businessman Mike Myers says there are two main reasons he’s been such a staunch supporter of community colleges for the past 20 years.


Image of Lyn and John Muse

John and Lyn Muse

John and Lyn have been giving back to the community together since they met at UCLA, where she was an undergraduate and he was a graduate student.


Image of John Millemon

John Millemon

John’s deeply personal involvement with the Center for Renewal and Wholeness in Higher Education comes from a place of both passion and pain.

Image of Elison Miles

Ellison Miles

The late World War II aviator and wildcatter left a Texas-sized legacy through his generous gifts. He remained a strong supporter of education.


Image of Vincent Ratcliff

Vincent Ratcliff

For Vincent Ratcliff, founding scholarships in memory of his parents both honored them and satisfied his own desire to encourage others.


Image of Raj Seekri

Raj Seekri

When Raj, a full-time math professor at Richland College, thinks of people who have changed the world for the better, he thinks of his father.


Image of Carolyn Parker

Carolyn Parker

In addition to teaching and counseling, Carolyn has two other great passions and she has turned both into scholarships.