Dallas County Promise Update

We are excited with Dallas County Promise 2018 results, 2,841 graduates from the 31 Promise high schools are attending a DCCCD campus or fellow partner the University of North Texas Dallas, according to data from Commit.

That’s 40 percent growth in enrollment at DCCCD from those 31 schools (from 1,872 in 2017 to 2,659 in 2018), while UNT Dallas’ enrollment went up 30 percent (from 138 to 182).

Dallas Promise enrollment stats.

2,659 students started at a DCCCD college this fall. These numbers equal a 40% increase in enrollment to the DCCCD colleges from the 31 Promise high schools as compared to 2017 enrollment.

The following table is enrollment to DCCCD broken down by the college.

 College / University

DCCCD 2017 Enrollment

(Year 1 High Schools)

DCCCD 2018 Enrollment

(as of 8/24/18 – College Freshmen)

Percent Growth

(1 year)

Mountain View College 469 767 55%
El Centro College 314 433 38%
Eastfield College 326 384 18%
Cedar Valley College 266 293 10%
Richland College 207 251 21%
Brookhaven College 199 240 21%
North Lake College 64 161 152%
University of North Texas at Dallas 138 182 32%

*Information as of September 3, 2018

The 2019 Promise Pledge for the 43 Promise high schools (16,000 seniors) opened October 1st. 2019/Year 2, 12 high schools were added for a total of 43 participating high schools across 10 ISD’s.

There are 3 steps that Promise Bound seniors must complete becoming Promise Scholars:

  1. Promise Pledge and Apply to college by February 8
  2. Submit FAFSA/TASFA by March 8 
  3. Enrollment for classes for fall 2019 by July 31

The community-based mentoring program component of Dallas County Promise is progressing with 30 corporate partners who have agreed to provide success coaching to Promise students.


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